Saturday, January 27, 2007

Nintendo DS Game - Jet Impulse

Yo! I'm back to reveal some good news (for myself).. muahahaa...
Just something to share with you guys... haha...

Last year, I'd involved in a DS console game production with a japanese company named Genki (G-Gadget in Singapore). It was a jet simulation game production. It was fun doing a game. It's always been my interest too. Coz I love games so much! hahaa...
This game is called Jet Impulse. Initially it was called DS-Air, but later they realised it's no good name. So they changed it. hahaa...

Well, here comes the good news, this game is gonna be released next month (8th Feb) here in Japan. I'm now actually very excited. hahaa... It's so cool to see your own name under the ending Credits on a game screen. hahahaa...

Below is a picture extracted from a magazine which gotten from online.

Here are some links to some images preview in various websites.
[Official Site]

[Other Site]

In this game production, I've involved in 2D animation design, graphic painting+photo editing, and low poly modeling + texturing. And thanks to all my ex-colleagues that I really learned a lot from them about games. It was my first time in game industry. I was excited and really cool to learn from so many experts in this industry. It was really an eye-opening experience for me. Gradually, i know how game production works. I'm really glad that I had a chance to involve in this game production. Thanks everyone. And thank God too! haha....

So, whoever here owns a DS lite console, please support us! Buy the game! hahahaaa....
Well, as for me, I definitely will get one here in Japan. And keep it forever for sentimental sake. hahahaa.... Hmm.. may be I will frame it up on the wall.. muahahahaha.... sorry, a bit too much..kakakaa.. too excited liow.. keke... =P

Can't wait for the release. Will show you guys some screen shots after i got it next month. Till then, stay tune! hehehe... Ciaoz!

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Life of Animation

- Deleted - - 削除した -

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Adult Day 成人の日

Today (8th Jan) is Japanese Adult Day. It's kind of a celebration for kids becoming adult? hahaa..
Regarding the details and story behind this day, I really don't know. hahaa.... The only thing I know is that there will be many girls wearing Kimono (着物) walking around on the street on the way to temples.

I went with my colleague today to Harajuku ( 原宿 ) where there is a big big temple near by the train station. The temple ( 明治神宮 ) is located within a beautiful small "rain forest". haha... On the way, there were really a lot of young girls wearing Kimono with different styles. Those Kimono are "embedded" with winter elements, so that they won't feel cold. hahahaa..
Well, not only young girls, some Obaasan also wore Kimono. Interesting.

Lets see some photos and videos.

Outside train station.

Chatting outside the train station exit.

The black one looks a bit like Shu Qi. But I dun like SHu Qi. Just take picture only.muahahaa...

Wah.. so lonely? But you not my type.. muahahaha... =P

I never read it. Just for your info if you guys happen to have interest.. muahahaha...

Ang Moh also crazy about Kimono??? hahaha....


Feel like i'm back in the Japanese Ancient time. haha...


"I'm the princess of Momocha..."

Interesting outfit. Dunno what they are supposed to do there..haha

She's the prettiest of all within that day. Very Taiwan's Jolin-like. Very sweet n pretty.

Nice smile.. I kept "stalking" her. But her "bodyguard" kept staring me and blocking my view. Not only me, he blocked other photographers too. Sianz!

Japanese Jolin at the back. Man, really hard to get focus of her. Stupid bodyguard! =P

I heard my colleague said that this is where they tie their "bad luck paper" on the string if they happen to get one.

Weird japanese and english naming. hahaa... Dunno, may be just me.. hahaa

Open air rest stop/ cafe area.

Traditional way of cooking fish. Looks delicious.

Smell good. But didn't try. Regret now.. Dunno where i can find it again. *Sob*

Steaming Osake. (お酒)

Videos : [Uploading Soon. Please Wait.]

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Photo Session - My Re-Decorated Room

Just cleaned up my room and bought a small drawers to keep and organise my stuff.
Finally I have space on my desk for my wacom. Yeh!!! hahaa...

And finally I put up my FFXIII posters which I bought from the JUMP Fest last year. hahaa..
Now my room looks more lively and look more like an animator's room. Muahahahaa... XD

Yosh!!! I'm now starting to work on a digital painting during my spare time. Feel like improving my photoshop painting skills, after so long never touch it. Yo Yo! Gambarimasu !!! =D

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Back to Work on 5th Jan 2007.

I'm so glad that I never feel "back-to-work blue" ever since i joined CG industry. hahaa.. I guess this is really where I belong! hahaa.. =D
Finally, back to animation work! Although sometimes i 'm fear about the crazy deadline again. hahaa...

On first day back to work, everyone started to change seats. Animators are reshuffling due to the fact that they need same team members to sit together. Well, actually it's a good idea. And I'm very happy that I could change my seat, coz initially I was sitting near to the corridor where everyone always walked pass and distracted me. This time, I sit somewhere inside and have my own privacy and importantly not easily distracted by passer-by. Plus , I also finally have my new LCD monitor !!! WoohOo!!! hahaaa.. finally! hahaa.. XD

Coming Monday (8th Jan) is holiday again. It's Adults Day, consider public holiday. I don't have much information about this special day, but what I know so far is that, there will be a lot of kawaii Kimono babes walking on the street or around temples area on that day. Well, what I'm going to do on that day? Of cors going out and take pictures lar!!! muahahaha... !!! Been waiting for this day so long with long neck liow.. muakakakakaa... XD

Well, after Monday, will back to work again and start fearing the deadlines..hahaha..
But the good thing is, we had a meeting on the first day of work and realised that there will me more animators joining in the team to help up the scenes. So that everyone don't have to work on so many scenes within 2 weeks. Phew.. Thank God! haha...

Anyway, I'm looking forward to animate new scenes! It's new year , it's new beginning for me! Yosh!!! Gambarimasu !!! XD
Same for you guys ok !!! Gambatte ne minasan!!! (Jia You Jia You) =D

Happee Nail Yeear Evelibodee !!!! Muahahahaa ..... !!! XD

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The Visit of Ghibli Museum on 4th Jan 2007.

Interesting holiday had never ended. haha... It went on even till the last day of my new year holidays. hahaa.. =D

My colleague (Juin Yiing) and I went to visit Ghibli Museum at Mitaka (三鷹) . The entrance ticket was booked 2-3 weeks in advanced. There is a limit for the amount of visitors per day. Thanks to Werm Meen who helped us to do the ticket booking. One ticket cost 1000 yen.

The visit is very informative!!! Man! Miyazaki is really a super great talent!! I don't know how to describe, but if you were there to see his original sketches, painting , drawings, storyboarding, making of 2d animation etc, you would open your big mouth like me... hahahaa...

Never thought could see so many things in one day. Actually half day to be precise. The museum itself is not as big as palace, but it's the art stuff that matters. They are a lot there for you to slowly observe and learn from. Man, I wish I could take pictures and videos of all the stuff I've seen there. Unfortunately, the museum doesn't allow photo & video taking. Sianz.....
Wish could share with you guys, but sadly I couldn't. Actually I wanted to secretly take videos, hahaa.. but my conscience asked me to stop. muaahahahaa.. Later give japanese a bad impression of Malaysian, no good lor..hahahaa.. XD

Anyway, it was really a great visit. Able to catch Miyasaki's new short films. It's only shown in the theatre within the museum. There were 2 shows, but our ticket only entitled us to pick one out of the two. Sad. Couldn't catch both. But his work is still amazingly surprise me. It was just a simple short animation, but his elements were still there for you to notice. His idea , his concepts in this short animation are really amazing, it brings your heart so close to his imaginations and fantasy. Wow... dunno how to describe. It's just great! hahaa..... speechless and respect to Miyazaki san! =D

I wish I could write more about what I saw in the museum, but me no good in explaining in words. Later everyone read until scratching head and got sleepy. hahaha...
Anyway, I only able to catch some outside photos. hahaa.. Enjoy. =P

Ghibli Museum Cafe / Rest Area. We brought our own lunch and sat down there and ate our bento under the cooling weather. =D

Museum Exit.

Entrance Tickets.

Informative Map guidance.

I bought a diary book with 3 pieces of film contains of Howl's Moving Castle animation frames. =D

Shown under the light. Nice! でしょ?

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