Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Latest Character Designs

The following is my latest character designs by using Adobe Flash. It has been progressed for the last couple of weeks.

I was searching for ideas for the next online animation competition on youtube. Accidentally bump into a short parody video of Aladdin (which I have posted in my last post). And then I kept digging in more Disney videos, Lion King, Little Mermaid, Hercules, then accidentally dug into videos from Warner Brothers, eg. Road Runner, Bugs Bunny, and then Looney Toons. After that, I found some images of Baby Bugs Bunny and Toons. Very slowly, my mind went wild and got this mixture of taste for other Disney characters which hasn't been tried before. So that's how I mixed these ideas up and create a brand new monsters from few of my favourite disney's villian characters, as shown below. Hope you guys like it. hehee... =D

Initial Analysis of Original Characters.

Initial Rough Design on Paper.

Tried to Improve the Cuteness Aspects
& Pose Design Progress on Flash.


Friday, February 22, 2008

My First FREE 36" Wide-Screen TV

Yeah, as stated above. I got it free.. hahaha... 36" but CRT. But well, since it's free, who cares. haha..

It started from 2 weeks ago when I intended to buy a decent 15" Flat LCD TV, so that I could watch TV and mainly play my Playstation games. Then I happened to mention that to my colleagues. And one of them, Ohno san (大野さん), was kind enough and told me that he happens to have an old 15" CRT TV which he intended to dispose it. So he said he could give it to me free. I actually didn't mind the size though. I was even happy then coz I knew I could save a big amount of money. So I accepted his offer.

Days later, he told me his TV was not in good condition, but asking me if I'm interested in another disposal of 36" Flat-screen but CRT TV. It was from another studio's boss which next to ours. And it happened that Ohno san heard that disposal news from his friend who are working in that studio too. The timing was perfect.

I was shocked by hearing that size initially. I never own such big TV before, yet I was excited too coz I kept imagining the big screen of watching movie at home and playing games. That would be fantastic! haha..

Well, long story short, Ohno san helped me getting the TV on his car and drove me back to my house and together we carried such big bulky antique into my house. We were helped by another colleague of mine who is a Korean, Dwight. Even with the strength of 3 of us, it was still freaking heavy. I was glad that Dwight came join us, since we all live quite near to each other in the same area. I'm so glad to know such kind friends. ほんとにありがとうね!大野さん、ドワイト!

Well, back to my BIG TV. hahaa.. It was really cool. I tried playing games and watching DVD at the same night. The feeling of watching on big screen was fantastic! haha... The TV have tonnes of special functions too. It supports dual-screen. Which means, I could watch 2 channels at the same time by spliting into 2 screens. hahaa.. I can even play games at one side, watching TV on the other side. haha... And it's so cool to watch DVD in wide screen mode too. hahaa.. man, i should have brought my Lord of the Ring DVD here... that will show fantastically great on the screen. hahaa...

Well, I sure will bring some of my favourite collections from my hometown when I return this coming April and May. Oh yeah, side track a bit, I have officially booked air tickets to go back KL and SG for 2 weeks vacation from 25th Apr - 7th May. This time I will land in Singapore first. Then spend one week in KL, and go down to Singapore for another week. After 2 weeks, I will depart from Singapore Changi again and back to Tokyo. Well, hope to catch up with you guys soon. Can't wait! ;)
Till then, take care everyone!

Ok, I gotta get back to my games now! Just bought 2 PS2 games today. kekekeke....


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pixar Always Goes for Stories

This is one of the reasons why I like Pixar. They don't do animation for Celebrity Voice, but they do animation for Story!

"The Philosophy of Pixar is whatever best for the characters... If they are right, they are right..." says Brad Bird.

Good saying!


Sunday, February 17, 2008

My New Free iPod Nano

Woohoo~!!! Yey!!! My free iPod Nano has finally arrived today afternoon! After a long wait. Phew!

Oh yeah, this is a free gift that I got it by signing up Internet Broadband few months ago for my new place. They were then having a promotion campaign or something, giving out Nintendo DS or iPod Nano 4G. Since I already have DS, it's the perfect time to get myself a brand new iPod.

Finally I can replace my 3-year-old stupid Creative Zen Touch! It has been nightmares since I bought it years back from Singapore IT Exhibition. I'd been to Singapore Creative Service Center to repair the stupid Creative MP3 player for 4 times within a year. Read my LIPS again, 4 TIMES WITHIN A YEAR!! You know how bad that is for a product?? After one year warranty period was over, I brought it over with me to Japan here (what to do, I couldn't afford to buy a new one), it has been giving me hard time too. Either auto shut down or auto corrupt my mp3 files and most importantly, auto System Crash! And all the files within were all unrecovered. Well done huh, Creative. That was really "creative" in sense of those "auto" functions that I didn't sign up for.

Well, actually more problems, but I don't feel like mentioning so much here coz I guess you guys get the picture. hahaha... Now that I have new iPod, Sc**w You! Creative! muahahaha.... XD

I'm gonna watch movie on my new iPod! woohoo~!!! Yeah, i know, screen is too small, well, who cares... it's better than nothing, furthermore it's FREE!! hahahhaa... XD


Declaration of Square Enix Tribute Week

I'm hereby to self-declare that 17th-29th Feb 2008 is my Tribute Week to my insanely respected Square Enix!


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Square Enix's Forever Inspirations

Just some upcoming games (videos below) that I wanted to share with you guys, although some of you may have seen these earlier.

was the biggest reason I set my aim to come to Japan from the beginning of my journey of switching my IT job into something I love and enjoy most today - CG that is.
And until today, their works are still inspiring me so much! And I still can't shake away the dream being part of the teams which create the coolest games in the whole wide world.
You know what, I still remember I once said to many of my friends that as long as I could be part of the company, I didn't mind being a part time Cleaner or Coffee Maker in the office. muahahaa.... I guess I was really desperate then. haha... XD

Today, though I may not able to join Square, but the influencial name will still always locked in my heart and never be forgotten. I will still be one of the biggest fans of Square and the craziest gamers.

Therefore, PlayStion 3 soon I must buy. Next generation Square Gamer I must become. always I in love! No matter what....

(The Last Remnant)

(Final Fantasy Versus XIII)

(Lord of Vermilion - this is an Arcade RPG game)

Friday, February 15, 2008

宮崎さんの最新作 Miyazaki's New Movie on the Way!

Miyazaki's work has touched many lives all around the world. His Art, his childhood sense, his fantasies-telling, his creativities, everything! Touches us in so many ways, which sometimes really undescribable. I watched all of his previous works, none of them disappointed me, none of them would never surprise me. Every single of his work is Unique! Incredible! Unpredictable! And most importantly, Morally Intended!

His superb talents really deserve everyone's Respect! Especially me! haha... I could not get enough of watching his work and observing his quality art. I even watched few of his new short films at the Ghibli Museum. And I've been to the Museum more than 3 times now and I never ever get fed up or bored, coz his every brilliant art works worth to be re-watched, again and again. I've watched his previous films so many times and I still feel refreshing from so many different perspectives. And most of his film, make myself feel like a kid again. The feeling is really amazing! (^-^)

And now, his latest work (崖の上のポンヨ/Ponyo on the Cliff) is coming up soon this year Summer in Japan for first screening. (Although this news has already been announced since last year December) I'm so excited and really can't wait, to finally able to watch his full-length movie on the big screen in Japan for the first time. hahhaa...

And I'm sure this will be another big impact and deeply touching into everyone's heart again. Miyazaki san, you have my full TRUST! Miyazaki san never fails to impress everyone of us! そうでしょ! (^-^) b

More related stuff about this Movie can be found here: http://www.ghibli.jp/ponyo/


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hey World! Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentinse Day to all Loving Couples out there and also to all Lonely-Toons like myself. Hahaaa.... It's a day to share your love with your love ones. It doesn't have to be your girlfriends or boyfriends. It's a day of Celebration of LOVE! Share it with everyone you know on Earth! Spread Your Love! And Be Loved as return!

Shout it Out LOUD! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ALL !!!! \(^0^)/


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Winter Too Cold, Winter Too Much

"Winter Winter Go Away!"

Usually I love Winter. Coz I have been living my past 20 over years in a hot desert with no 4 seasons. I always excited about country with 4-seasons. Especially winter, coz with winter, I will able to experience snow-falling and go Snow-Ski!

However, it has been a long winter here and so much freezing-ly colder than the last one I experienced last year. It snows, it grows, it blows! One thing definite is, it even blows my Electric Bill up to the TOP!

Well, I couldn't help it, it's so freaking cold here, I have to turn on my heater and my electric blanket to keep my human body warm all the time. The figures of the KiloWatt has grown bigger without my notice, even though how hard I tried not to stay home too long.

If stay outside, I suffer from Icy-Fridgy Temperature, if stay home, I suffer from Warmy-Heaty Elec-Bills. Now, what I can do is, hoping the Spring come sooner. If I were the "Technician/Operator" of the Weather, I would re-adjust to following schedule:

Spring - 6 months
Summer - 2 month
Autumn - 2 months
Winter - 2 months

Isn't that perfect for everyone?! hahahaaa.....


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Funniest Aladdin Parody

I watched this over and over again, and I still can laugh like a kid..hahahaha....
It's so funny and sound so cute with the new voice dubbing. The lips sync looks so cool and almost match, especially the funny Aladdin. And the way how it ended, is really classic! I just love how creative whoever did this. hahaahaha...


Sunday, February 03, 2008

My Latest 11sec Animation for Monthly Competition

Hello everyone! Sorry for not been active for past one week. I was busy rushing some last minute animation entry for 11 Second Club (www.11secondclub.com) January competition.

Burnt lots of night oils since I have to animate 3 characters within a week before deadline. But it was really fun working on it with such motivation. At the same time also can practise and build up my own portfolio on the way. hahaha... One stone kills 3 Birds. Isnt that good? hahaha...

Here's my work for the January entry. (Click one of the links below or Right click and Save as)
Comments and Critics are most welcome! =D

http://animation.kentimator.com/charAnim/11secclub.mov (10MB)
http://animation.kentimator.com/charAnim/11secclubCD.mov (Sorenson Compressed - 1.5MB)

By the way, you can go and check out other peoples work too (www.11secondclub.com) if you are interested, coz some of their works are really inspiring and good animations. =D