Monday, February 19, 2007

Release of DS Jet Impulse ~ Finally!

Yo! FInally I've completed all the stages and finally saw my name on the Ending Credits!!! Woohoo!!! I mean, it's not the best game on Earth that makes me happy, but it's becoz it's the first 3D game that I've involved in my life and I couldn't believe I actually had the chance to see my own name on a portable game console. Hahaha...
Well, time to "show off" a little bit here... I took video of the Ending credits of the game. Oh yeah, the Ending Credit was designed by me too. But it's edited by other designers, and the names placements are a bit messy. Too bad I couldn't do anything about it coz I left the company early, even months before the game is finalised and published. Anyway, no matter how it turns out, I still happy to see my name on it. hahaha... Check it Out!! kekee.... =P