Sunday, April 08, 2007

Malaysian Animation (Saladin) Is A Great Start

When I see this piece of trailer again, I feel proud of my own people. Finally the M'sian government has seen the potential and push the limits of our own people in the Animation Industry. I'm really happy to see the big changes in the CG line for the past few years. This is truly our Malaysian Pride! Yoz!!! Go Go Malaysia!!!
Woohooohoho... Impression-nizing, is what Malaysian Tig-ger DOoo BEST !!!! Woohoohoohoohoo...

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Pixar's Upcoming Ratatouille ~ Can't Wait!

Unfortunately, it will be only released on 28th July in Japan. One month later than the U.S. release date. Well, I will still looking forward to that! Another brilliant work from Brad Bird! Cant wait!


Carlos Baena Introducing Animation Mentor

Friday, April 06, 2007

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix CG Movie

Sorry, this has nothing to do with my daily adventure, but it's just somethnig I feel like sharing!

This CG animation is from one of my favourite console games - Kingdom Hearts !
Produced by my favourite game company of all time - SquareEnix.
Directed & character-designed by one of my favourite artist - Tetsuya Nomura.
Excellent CG and Effects, combined with excellent orchestra background music!

Warning: It may be a spoiler if you are KH fan! The Jap version of KH Final Mix has been released last 2 weeks.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sakura Hanami 桜花見

I just went to enjoy Sakura Hanami at Omiya garden (大宮) on last Sunday with my colleagues and their friends. We had picnic under the Sakura trees. We had beer, we had chicken curry, fried rice, japanese cuisines etc. All home-made! Thanks to the girls who cooked so well. And thanks to the new japanese friends who brought over food as well. Yumzz... really enjoying the moment. And the weather was just nice. Little windy, there were moments where some sakura pedals dropped from the trees and made a very nice scenery.

After the sakura moment, we went to Karaoke, which is my first time in Japan. haha... The price is so much cheaper than in Singapore. Normal day, 280 yen per hour. Only weekends are more expensive, roughly 780 yen per hour or something. Free flow of drinks too. 飲み放題!haha...

Well, lazy to type so much, how about just see the photos? I bet you guys prefer seeing photos than reading my crap right? hahahaa... now here we go... Enjoy! ^_^

My friends and new friends of my friends. hahaa.... we were on the train going towards our destination.

Beautiful Sakura tree outside the nice house on our way to the Omiya Garden.

One of the entrace of Omiya garden.

Moutain People Mountain Sea.

Relaxing couple.

We started our Sakura feast!!! We even brought our own mini-stove for heating up our curry chicken. hahaha...

2 new japanese friends counting from the left. They are very friendly and fun.

Food and Music are always the best combination. hahaa...

Everyone is picking songs and lyrics from the songbook they brought. So many songs in there. We sang Sakura song as well..hahaa

Sakura Tea? haha... Yeah, they tried to bite sakura pedals, well, i also tried. Tasteless though.haha

Cute little kid having fun with his family. Feel like it's family day! So relaxing!!

Yeah, after meal, not forgetting to lay down on the floor enjoying the sakura on the trees above... Relaxxx...

Packing up after few hours of sakura picnic. We were then heading for Karaoke !!! hahaa....
Well, too dark inside karaoke, so I didn't take pictures. =P