Monday, December 25, 2006

Week 7 in Tokyo - Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

My holiday suppose to start from last Saturday (23rd Dec), but because I hadn't finished my animation, I had to stay back to finish it. So I ended up finishing my animation late on Sunday (24th Dec). Thank God I finished around 6pm and able to catch a nice dinner Christmas Eve dinner with my friends in Shinjuku (新宿). =D

Anyway, I feel so relief now that I finally finished my scenes although submitted late. Well, actually I'm not the only one late, the rest are also late. hahaa... But good thing is, the project manager understands our situation coz he knows the deadline was too tight. Although sometimes are a bit stressful, I still enjoy the animating here. Just that I couldn't put my very best work in the project, I feel guilty. Everytime i replay my animation for every scenes I did, i spotted so many areas that can be improved and smoothened, but I couldn't do much coz i need to let go due to the tight timeline. Although supervisor said the animations are passed, I also dun feel like i'm allowing myself to pass. Well, i guess that's the difference between TV series and Long Form animation.

Well, don't talk about work now. It's HOLIDAY mood now!! hahaa... lets see some pictures of my Christmas Eve dinner with my 3 new friends. We ate Shabu-Shabu (しゃぶしゃぶ) that nite! =D Very very nice! Yuummzzz....

The meat are sliced so thin that you just need to "shabu-shabu"ly dip into the boiling soup for 6-7 times and you are ready to eat. hahaa... Yummzzz... eating this must go along with the sauce, which by the way very very nice! It's just undescribably Oishii (delicious)!!! =D

On Christmas night, we dined in a special place at outer West of Tokyo. It's a another cozy nice place and extremely nice food, with reasonable price. =D

Touch screen panel on the side. You can browse through the menu either from the screen or manually from the menu. But the touch-screen is not complete with drinks and other food. The screen mainly display those Recommended or Popular orders. Once you order from the menu, you can touch screen and add orders by just inputing from the screen without calling the waiter. Once enter, they will record your new order from their work desk and the dish will be coming soon. Cool huh!

This is our first Appetizer. I tell you what, I dunno how to say, it's the best Appetizer i've ever eaten! hahaa.. Well, it's definitely healthy type of appetizer lor! But they have other special ingredients that made it so special taste and nice to eat! Yuummzzz.!

This is a long long pizza on the long long wooden block (just like traditional sushi way). Well, no other words, just NICE !!! I feel like eating again! hahaha...

Chicken meat with vege and spring onions in the soup boiling on top of the fire. Soup is specially nice, and the chicken is tender and delicious! No other word again, Umai (delicious) !!!

This is our newly ordered dish , ordered from the touch screen. hahaa... our experiment was successful... initially we waited some time and thought that their system might not able to register our order successfully. But it ended up well. hahaaa... very efficient and very good service! hahaa...

Well, not only food you can keep busy on, you also can browse around with the touch screen where they have Horoscope for you to "check your love luck and day luck"..hahahaa... cool huh!

Last but not least, you can find out your order list and see your prices that you need to pay after your meal from the screen. On the right side of the screen, they even auto-calculated for you that how many ppl on that table are being served and each person will need to pay how much money. hahahaa.. Cool huh!!! U can even change the amount of people and check how much per person need to pay. kakaka... so cool !!! =D

Happy Christmas & Happy New Year

Hi all my dear friends, I'm hereby to wish everyone a A Happy Fruitful Christmas & A Happy New Year!!! May everyone's dream come true in the coming new year!
Work hard, Play Harder, Rest More too! hahahaaaa... =D

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Photo Session - JUMP Festa in Chiba (千葉)

Last Saturday, I went to attend JUMP Festa at Chiba. Since 2 weeks ago I already marked my calendar. haha... This was a Great EVENT for Hungry Manga-Anime-Games FANs!! hahaa...
I'm one of them... I'm glad I'm here in Tokyo... muahahaha....
Ok lar.. less talking... lets enjoy some nice pictures.... =D

Note: Some of the photos are taken with my colleague's digicam. My digicam halfway battery flat. So thanks to her that she could lend me her camera for my picture-taking pleasure. hahaa...

Destination is at the Yellow labeled station on the map.

The big hall is upfront. Can see? =P

Most of the big event in Tokyo is so "direction-friendly". They scare people can't find the location of the JUMP event, they actually have few people standing with holding a signboard , shouting out the "For those visitors who going to JUMP festa, please follow this way", all the way from nearby train station up to the entrance of the convention/conference hall. I like the japanese system. Very good! hahaha...

Man! It's really huge place lor...

I can't resist to take picture of this cute little boy while he's posing as Naruto. haha... Look at his hat! hahaa.

Entrance of the convention hall. But it's still not the entrance of the JUMP festa. You'll see... =P

Rest spot at the entrance.

U won't believe it, u still have to make a big U-turn from the main entrance of the convention hall, in order to enter the festa. Anyway, we just follow.

Nice Billboards.

Now, we made a U-turn, we reached outdoor.

Have you ever wondered what those pixelated boxes meant for? I saw it everywhere here everyday, even on the package of a normal bread in convenient store. I asked my friend, she told me that it's actually an "encrypted" code is hidden inside which carries URL data. hahaaa.. interesting huh... and how u figure out the URL website from the pixelated box? You can use mobile phone (japan only) to capture the picture and the phone will scan it at the same time, and it will able to show the data on your mobile screen. hahahaa... Interesting!!! So super hi-tech! hahaa..

We made a big U-turn, then we still have to walk all the way back outdoor to make the long queue. It's very organised to do such thing, i respect them, but it also irritated me. In order to enter the "real final" entrance, we took about 15 minutes eventhough we reached the conference hall.

Finally, we reached the entrance after a while.

Death Note character!

Some trailers shown on the screen and also some short anime will shown during certain time.

People are queueing up to play card games.

People are queueing up for game demo from Konami.

Bleach soundtrack!! Wanted to buy, but I already have MP3, no point! haha...

Bleach artwork area. Very cool. They don't allow to take picture at this area, so i only able to catch one. hahaha...

Dunno what people queueing there for. Seeing the weird guy up there performing.

Nintendo babe is kinda disappoiting. hahaa...

Hot cowgirl. But not pretty. hahaa... =P

I wish i could join the queue to try out the Bleach on Wii. I saw people playing so interesting.

Cosplay area. So many weirdos. But interesting! I like. hahaa... although not much cute babe. kakakaa.... I think all pretty girls like to stay home, dun like to come out social like this. hahaha..

Gaara & Me & Sasuke

She's cool!

This is the best cosplay of all that day. haha.. Orochimaru !!!

Illusionary Pipe thingy.

Kyubi from Naruto. It's actually a big strong balloon thingy that u can bang on its head and it will bounce you back. hahaa..

Somekind of Naruto puzzzle solving game with visitors. I wanted to take part, but no time. =(

Some kind of kids' game show.

There you are! SquareEnix! The biggest attraction to me! hahaha... THey are here to promote their up coming new games in different kind of platforms.

They have a small theatre for visitors to watch their upcoming new titles trailers or short films.

Cute eh! Feel like bringing it home..hahaa

This so-called limited edition of Sora (Final Form) is sold 3,800 yen (over SGD50). I regret that I didn't buy. I was actually hesitating if i should have. But on 2nd thought I should have, coz it's consider cheap, and you can find that price back in Singapore, not to mention M'sia.

Limited edition figurines. But not for sale. So sad.

If they sell this sets of FF3 figurines, I sure will buy lor!!!! I want the collection!! Well, I can anytime go SquareEnix shop in Shinjuku to find out!!! hahahaa!

The weapons n bikes look amazingly cool. Painting are very detailed!

These 2 are not those you saw in the shop, coz these are a bit bigger than the usual ones sold in the market! These are nicer.. haha

Big FF13 character wallpaper! Wish i could bring home! But I ended up bought 2 big posters FFXIII & FF Vs XIII with just 1000 yen. Somemore it's original version from SquareEnix. Not those you found from Chinatown or re-printed from Sg or M'sia. hahaha.. =P

This a a big comic-reading corner for kids. Very well organised!

After the JUMP festa event, we were so hungry. We went for late lunch in a Soba restaurant.
I dont' usually take picture of myself, but my colleague secretly took for me.

In the evening, we browsed in the city area at Akihabara (a big famous place of electronics, games, comics and stuff). And we passed by another game arcade, so I couldn't help myself, I played a Jet plane game.

Nite time we dine at the "Pig-branded" noodle house. hahaha... Check out the next picture. There's a pig drawn on the board. =D