Friday, November 30, 2007

Final Fantasy VII - 10th Anniversary Potion Collection

Got all these from 7-Eleven store near my work place. This is what I call real Convenient Store! hahahaa... XD

Monday, November 19, 2007

Autumn Relaxation at Mount Takao

Last Sunday I went to Mount Takao with my friends to enjoy the amazing view of Autumn's "Red-Leaf". It was very cold on the top of the mountain. But it was worth the trip coz we managed to see the wonderful Mount Fuji from the top. And we also enjoyed the moment of Sunset at around 4.30pm. The view was truly amazing. It was another satisfying day. hahaa... Here are some pictures I took. Enjoy ~

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy 1-Year Anniversary in Tokyo!!! (^o^)v

Happy 1-Year Anniversary!!!.... To ME!!! Hahaha... And Happy Anniversary to my BLOG too! XD

Thank God that I survived in Tokyo for a year! hahaa... Officially, 11th of this month was the day I arrived Tokyo in year 2006. =)

Within this year, I'm glad that I made a lot of friends here and really had fun in my job. Am still having fun, of course. Nothing is better than doing something you love everyday in your daily so-called JOB. hahaa...

To be able to achieve my dream today, mainly I want to thank my family, especially my mum and my brothers. Without their support, I would have never gone this far. Without their belief in me, I would have not done my very best. I'm really really happy. And I would never ever forget my dad. Though I couldn't share my happiness with him anymore, my today's and future's success are all dedicated to him. May he be in peace with the Angels. (^-^)

And also thanks to all my friends who believed in me, who encouraged me and supported me. Thanks to all the seniors and colleagues who taught me, guided me and made me a better person. I feel blessed to have all them to be part of my life so far. Thank you very much! Thank you! (^-^)b

Well, a year has passed, another is awaiting ahead. Let us walk this path together and share the sweetness on the way to the greatest destinations! To the Infinity And Beyond! =D


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Amazing Tokyo Motor Show 2007

Yo! Kentimator is Back! hahaa...
Thanks for the patience and also checking out my blog again. It's always my pleasure to share more stuff with you guys. =)

2 weeks ago, I went to Tokyo Motor Show with my friends. It was really a great experience and eye-opening event. Their professional presentation on the stages were really marvellous. Plus amazing cars with gorgeous babes. It's like best combination! hahaa...
Well, I did take a lot of photos though (almost 500 over pictures). And I compiled some of my favourites into this music video below. Hope you enjoy it. =D

p/s: It may take some time to load. Go get some tea while it's loading. haha...
Or you can download it from my website and view from your own PC later:
http://www.kentimator.com/blog/ (Right-click on the movie file named "TokyoMotorShowCD.mov" and select Save-As.)

~Stay Tuned. More to share! =D

Extra Photos ~ My Favourite & Dream Car of ALL ~ LEXUS.

(*Thanks to my friend, this car is over-exposed in the picture. But also thanks to him for taking pictures for me. haha..)
Well, You can see. I only take photo with my Dream Car. I don't just simply anyhow take photo with any cars (though other cars also cool).. HAHAHAhahaa..... though my face is like "A Shit On top of a gorgeous flower." hahaaaaa.... Not that I low self-esteem, but it's fact. muahahaa... XD