Tuesday, November 28, 2006

3rd Week in Tokyo - New Assignment New Deadline

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Photo Section - お菓子/ジャンクフード

I was browsing around in Ikebukuro again. Well, the place itself is very very big, can't possibly explore within few days. This time I went into a shopping center and window-shopping at HMV and Muji. Then I came across some interesting Okashi! Which are below:

First and second pictures are the same. It's a small Dora-yaki! Favourite food of Doraemon.
It's very nice!!! I love it! うまい!

Very soft and Yummmzzz.............. *slurp*

This one is not from Muji, I got it from another convenient store near my place.
Well, when i first saw the package, I thought it was a ....*ahem*... condom.. haha... then later I saw a big offer price tag next to them, says" choco" something with "Meiji" brand on it. Then I was curious! Meiji produce condom???? muahahahaha... XD
I took a closer look! Man, it's a chocolate! hahahaa.... well, I bought it and gave it a try eventually. Very nice though! Just that too little only. Worth a try! =D

This is green tea cake kinda thing. Another good choice for tea time. Yumzz...

Milk Tea a.k.a. Tokyo Teh Tarik. muahahaa... I'm not a milk tea fan, so this one is ok ok only.

This is some honey pancake kinda thing. Nice for tea time also. It goes well with hot green tea.
You will feel so relaxing.. huaaaa........................... XD

Saturday, November 25, 2006

2nd Week In Tokyo - Blur Blur Me Again

Today I finally finished my first scene of animation. Feel very proud of myself..muahaha.. but of cors i know still not perfect. I showed to my Animation supervisor and he commented few minor portions. And I will do the correction on this weekend. I dun mind working extra hours, as long it's something that I like to do. =)

Ok... why my title today is "Blur Blur Me Again"? Well, it's about after knock-off. I knocked off around 9pm today. As usual I walked to train station. It's Hiroo station. From there I alighted next stop at Ebisu station. I walked out from there and had my dinner at Yoshinoya (again). This time I ate another new stuff, it's ginger-sliced-pork thingy. It's a set dinner. Cost 480 yen. Actually their fast food is equivalent to normal healthy meal. They have rice, meat, vege and soup. Just that the meal is done fast, doesn't mean it's unhealthy like those KFC , McD which used chemical to produce. muahahaa... sorry to offend those fast food fans. My apology. =P

Aiya, what THE...! I keep side-track again... sorry sorry..back to my story.

After dinner, I went take train at Ebisu. My next destination is Ikebukuro station. 8 stops away from Ebisu. So, as usual, I bought ticket and slot it to machine, and walked up the stairs.
Now, the stair case that I took was right, just that I took the wrong platform. The line I took is called Yamanote Line. It's a round circling path. So, obviously, I blur blur forgot to see the signboard and immediately board the wrong side of the platform. Supposingly it should take 18 minutes to reach 8th stop. But today, due to wrong train-boarding, I spent almost 40 minutes rounding the Tokyo most popular train line. Usually I can tell the if I'm boarding the wrong side in the train by seeing the announcement screen in the train, but I was too tired today (becoz non-stop animating, plus Maya Playblast had been giving me headache.), so I felt asleep in the train. By the time I woke up to check out my "position" from the screen, I'm already half of the circle of the route. Then, after seeing the screen, I still blur blur and I was still wondering why haven't reached yet. Then I opened wide my eyes and watched carefully. I'm about to reach Tokyo station! Man, that is like East of Tokyo, while I staying West of Tokyo.

I was laughing to myself "Oh my, again?! haha.. "
Why I said "again"? coz this is not my first time taking wrong train..muahaha...
There was another time I mistook an Semi-Express line instead of normal line. By the way, I didn't make up this term, they actually called it Semi-Express train. There are 3 types of trains. Normal train, Semi_exp, and Express train. Normal train is stopping every station found in the route map. Semi-Exp is stopping at selective stations, whereas Express, you know lar.. Tsuto Tsuto (All the way down) until the super main station. hahaa.... Luckily I didn't take the Express one, otherwise I might end up in 1-hour trip. The semi-express already wasted my time for going beyond 6 stops from my place. I was so worried that time when the train didn't stop when it reached my place. So I was checking the map on the train, hoping and praying hard that this train doens't go till the end of the route. If not I sure sleep under the bridge, coz why? Coz that time it's already around 11pm something. If it reached the last station non-stop, it sure became the last train. Then I will go sleep in the 7-Eleven.. muahaha... XD
Ok lar... time to sign off for today. Tomolo I got plans to do.

1) Go office finishing my animation amendment.
2) Then go buy Monthly Ticket from Ikebukuro
3) Then go Shinjuku to visit the office of SQUARE-ENIX !!!! muahahaaa... I just found out the address online. And planning to go peek peek..hahaa...

Meanwhile, you guys have fun with your weekends ya! Work hard, play harder! muahahaa...
I better get back to my DS game now - Children of Mana. hehe... Nitez! =)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Video Section - Ikebukuro Train Station

These videos are taken while I was in Ikebukuro station. Nothing special. Just for your viewing pleasure. hehe.. Enjoy! =)

[ Biggest mobile phone in the world! haha... It's outside Ikebukuro Station }
なし  N/A

[ Ikebukuro Station - JR Ticketing Machine & JR route Map ]

[ Ikebukuro Station - what's inside the station. ]

Tokyo 2nd Week - Meet Another 2 more Friends

Today I woke up very late. I went to office around 4pm. (today is holiday, remember? haha).
I worked on my animation and 4 hours later i moved out from office and meet my friend (who is actually my eldest brother friend) at Ikebukuro. It was raining, just slightly. I didn't bring umbrella, but luckily I have a hood attached with my shirt. Too bad, my beg is unprotected.

Oh, speaking of my bag, today I realised i lost something which is usually hanging on my bag. It's my small Tifa figurine! I lost it! *sob*.. I think it was loosen and somehow dropped somewhere without my notice. Sigh... now Cloud has no companion. hahaa... I will miss Tifa... =(

So, come back to my story of meeting my brother's friend -- Yee Sing. He's working in Tokyo as a Headhunter. He just came to Tokyo not long ago. He's been helping me a lot through email before when I was still in Singapore preparing. He advised me a lot and also gave me some info about accomodations n lifestyle related stuff. We've been contacting through email all these while since I haven't got myself a mobile yet. We met at Ikebukuro's Muji store. I was late, due to the fact that I nearly forgotten when I was still working in the office. hahaa..

He was with his japanese friend shopping around in Muji. We both introduced each other. Her name sounds cute -- Makiko san. =)

She's very friendly and well verse in English. She studied in Australia before. I'm glad to know another new friend here. I learn a lot of new stuff about japanese while we were chatting during dinner. I ate Tan Tan noodles which cost me 950 yen per bowl. Taste nice, but very little meat, it's like just Tauke + pork mince with spicy noodle soup. hahaaa...

Damn, after the end of the day, then only i remember that I forgot to take pictures with them and also taking picture of the interesting small bowl of sesame seeds which you can smash them and pour them into the TanTan noodle soup. hahaa.. something interesting. But shit lor! I always forget to take pictures! Sigh.... dunno why i always carry the cam along every day for what! Sianz! Now I'm starting to wonder if i really have 512 memory. I think it's probably just like my friend YY, only have 32K. hahaa...

After our dinner, we walked to the train station. I was asking them about the train ticket stuff. Makiko san is very kind and helpful. She knew that I'm not good in Jap, so she asked for me in the office about buying a "monthly multi-use interchanging train ticket". Sorry, I dunno what it should call, so I just simply give a long name, as long you understand what i'm trying say. muahahaha.... XD

Anyway, she spoke to a japanese girl in the counter. After conversing in japanese, then only my friend Yee Sing told me that the jap girl speaks well in English. Aiya.... wasted all the time for Makiko san to do translation for me... I might as well have asked her directly... =P
Well, at the end, still got some information though. Makiko san taught me how to get the special monthly ticket after going through all the hassle to ask around. I'm grateful that I have made such new friends. Really Thank God! =D
After that, before i went home, I bowed to them and said many thanks. They are really kind people.

So, that's the end of the story for today. Stay tuned for next section ok... till then. Cheers! =)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Video Section - Tokyo Arcade New Generation Game

I was passing by an arcade at Ikebukuro after work. I went in there and realised something new and interesting. A totally new generation of arcade games that surprised me! I'm not sure how many of you have seen such things in other country, but it at least amused me for the first time. =P

Check out the videos below. You no longer get bored and stuck with the traditional action games in the arcades anymore. Now you can play 3D multiplayer action RPG in the arcade together with the touch screen technology. All in One, becomes the ultimate game in the Arcade of Tokyo.... haha...



Oh btw, they are not using card or tokens here in the arcade. They use coins. They are called "Yen"... hahaa... the above game cost 200 yen to start and 100 yen to continue if you die. I saw 2 coin slots.
I bet it can save game too. Coz I saw that guy sloting in some kind of card and waiting for the screen to load. I didn't have chance to check out what the jap words are on the screen. Was too busy taking videos while trying to be secretive. hahaa...
Well, I will check it out again next time if i ever pass by again. hehee.. =p

Tokyo 2nd Week - Merging to the Tokyo Chemistry

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Photo Section - My Neighbourhood

I have yet gotten the time to take more pictures. I just took whenever I remember or passed by. hahaa... Plus, lately rain quite often also. So will add more photos in next section. Stay tuned! =)

Meanwhile , lets enjoy some pictures.....

This is the building that I'm living in. I'm staying in the basement down the floor. haha...

This is the street outside my apartment.

There's a small restaurant opposite my aparment building. Haven't got the chance to try it yet.

Same street further away from my apartment.

Another turn-in street towards near-by train station -- Naka-Itabashi.

Don't be mistaken. Only the white one is the machine selling drinks, the rest of the 2 (grey color) are Tabako (cigarattes) vending machines.

A super small parking lot near my place.

The parking lot is hi-tech one. Don't play play hor. With hi-security auto-system.

I dunno why I took repeat pictures.. actually same street. hahaa...dont' care lar.. for ur eye pleasures mar.. haha... :P

On the way to train station, there's a lot of shops, some 24 hours , some open till quite late. This "99" shop means all the items inside are 99 yen each!

Train station ticket machine.

Doesn't look hi-tech, but still look cool to me.

Ticket "slot-ting" machine. hahaaa.... sorry, running out of vocab. :P

Tonnes of bicycles parked outside of the train station.

From this "brand arc/pillar" onwards, the whole street is called "shopping street". Eat, buy n play. The cheap book store that I mentioned just now is in here too.

Inside the "shopping street", dunno which day lar... it was raining in the afternoon.

Dunno why, i keep capturing Ojii-san.... where are all the cute babes? I really saw a lot in my first few days in Tokyo. Now dunno why, everyday see the quality dropping liow.

This is one of my favourite "fast food" place. Cheap n delicious. Something like Yoshinoya, but i guess i prefer this over Yoshinoya. Especially their Miso Soup is terrifically GOOD! I like it! Yumz...... XD

Well well, this bookshop in my neighbourhood sells cheapest comics among those places that I been to so far. They selling one comic book for 105 yen only! Cool huh!

I afraid to be scolded. So I took the picture as a proof at outside.hahaaa...

Photo Section - Ebisu

This is one of my interchange stop from work back to home. It was late night around 9pm after I knocked off.

I planned to look for food here. I saw Yoshinoya. Wanted to try if it's the same.

Well, ALL of them are NOT the same as those I used to eat in Singapore. Except the Beef Bowl.

THis is one of the set meal. Looks delicious, but I ended up ordered something else. hehe...

Walked out from Yoshinoya, I saw Wendy's. The last time I saw this brand was during my primary school. Ever since then, I thought this "little girl" extincted from the fast food world. But it survives in Japan here. Surprise! XD

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Photos Section - More Pictures In My Place

This is my very own Fridge in my own room. Every room has one. It's included in the rental.
Actually got small TV in each room too. I just forgot to take photos only. kekee...

Hi-Tech Sentakuki (Washing machine)

Combination of Washing & Drying

Newly prepared Plates & utensils by the Housing Agent.

Hi-Level Electric Stove. 2 levels of on/off-switching buttons for safety reason.

Like I mentioned before, 3 types of rubbish. These 2 are Combustible (paper waste, food junk, fruits etc) & Non-combustible (plastics, cloth etc) trash.

White bin is the recycle bin where you put bottles & cans.

There are other chinese (China) people staying here. THose are their working shoes. Mine the funky one lor. Near the Red extinguisher.

Overview of the common hall attached with the kitchen & corridor.

Common TV room.

Nice but small shower room.

Ofuro desu! Japanese bath tub. Never used before. May be try someday... haha

This is interesting! Take a look at the top part. Water tap is on top. Actually, it won't flow water until you flush your urine or ur disgusting stuff. The water flow from the tap to the hole there to refill the flushing tank. At the same time, you can wash your hand there without going to basins outside. Isn't it best design?!! hahaha.. well, personally, i love it! kakakaa...
Hmm.. on 2nd thought, what if someone's hands are really dirty? Then it flows into the tank, n keep there for a while before someone flush again... Yulks... hahaa...
but anyway, Japanese still trusts that no one would ever wash extremely dirty hands there. It's about trust here in Japan, I like it. =)

Last but not least, the washing basins. Futatsu desu ne! (Two of them). Luckily my working hours is not same as the other chinese guys here. If not, 2 basins sure not enough for morning rush.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Tokyo Day III - First Day @ Polygon Pictures

- Deleted -
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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tokyo Day II - First Exploration

Day 2 is Sunday 12 November 2006. Due to the fact that I was super damn tired after the Menace of Dragging Luggages on Saturday, I slept till 12pm noon. I woke up. seeing not much light. You know why? Coz my room is at the basement. Sometimes can't even tell it's morning or afternoon. But at least can tell it's night time or day time. Coz still got one little window in my room which somehow connected to the outside world. hahaa..

After washing up with hot shower, I get myself ready to go check out the city area (Ikebukuro).
Partly reason of going to that city is to find out the path going to my office. I printed out the map while I was in Singapore. Google Map is really very useful, and very precise.
I paid 140 yen for 4 stops from my home area station to Ikebukuro station.
(To be precise, i paid 280 for the first trip for the day, coz I forgot to bring my map until I entered the train ticket gate then only remember. So i U-turn back, and go back home again. Wasted 140 yen. Eh! Don't laugh hor! Although 140 yen (SGD1.80) may not seem a lot, but still money lor! Somemore I damn poor lor. Every Yen also must spend carefully here leh! hahaaa... I must save as much as I can now, so that I have the money to go for more tours next year mar, plus I also wan to go for TGS next September lor! Die Die Must GO!!! hahaa.. so I have to save money now. Oh yeah, still got debt to pay also leh... you thought I come here enjoy enjoy arh? hahaaa.... )

Sorry, side track too much.. too many "lung-speech". hahahaa... well, if you know me well, you know I'm super talkative... muahaha... =P
Ok ok... back to my diary.

In Tokyo, they have different companies with different train services. Therefore, in order to interchange to other train, you have to alight the respective train, walk your ass out of the ticket gates, and go look for the exit or other section of the building to board another train. Before you board another train, you will need to go look for their respective ticket machines which only entitled for that specific train line / service. It's not like in Singapore, you just walk accross the other side to do interchanging between trains. Instead, all the trains are not friend-friend together one. Your train is one side, my train is one side. You want to interchange, you go walk far far n board the other train.... well, first time i felt fun searching around, but after few times, it irritates me now. Too much walking, too many exits, too many ticket machines, too many people, too many cute girls.. opppsss... this is not a bad point... muahahahaaa....

Side track a bit, yeah, it's really unbelievable that every morning or rather every day you will definitely get to see a lot of cute girls. Eyes big big, nice make-up (not too heavy), nice fashionable clothes. Anyone want me to DHL some for you guys? muahahahaa.... XD

Ok , come back to my journey. Hmm.. where was I?... oh .. yeah...
After searching for the map in the train station on how to do the interchanging, ( of cors including asking info counter for more details, but everyday my jap getting better n better..coz at least i gradually manage to catch more words in their speech... hahahaa...)

So, after bee-lee-baa-laa asking around for directions, i managed to reach the nearest station from my office area. I alighted at a smaller station named Hiroo. I saw some decorations of Christmas outside the streets. Very windy that afternoon, yet it's sunny. Nice though. I just wore 2 layers of clothes. I guess I'm strong although I'm skinny.. muahahaa....

I saw moving-balloon-santa-claus & 7-dwarfs. Singing english songs. People on the streets are also like in other places, walking fast but in orderly-fashion. THere are lots of bicycles riders on the pedestrians. Those cyclers are not just youngsters. Most of them are aged 25-40 salary-man (office workers) wearing coats and ties. Some pretty women with fashionable clothes, wearing high-heels, also pedalling along the pedestrians. You will see more during weekdays. hahaaa.... It's like so common here. You hardly see that in other countries lor, may be in China or Taiwan... but in malaysia, those who wear tie and coat, will definitely travel with at least a car. In Singapore, those ppl will at least travel in MRT train. hahaaa....
It's really interesting here in Tokyo. Really eye-opening. haha...

After found out my office location, i started calculating. Totally time-spent 1 hour10 minutes from my place to office including walking, and 3 interchanges of train services. Wow! I said that loud when i saw this result. But I guess it's quite common here to travel such time frame to work. Luckily my working hours is flexible. It's 8 hours per day, but most of the colleagues came in around 11am morning, and go home late after 8pm or 9pm. Well, I will tell you more of my office adventures on the next blog, which is Tokyo Day III. =)

So, after calculating the time spend on the journey, i calculated the fares. It's 3 interchanges. So it's 140 yen + 160 yen + 160 yen = 460 yen (one-trip). One day (round trip) would be 920 yen.
Not too bad, but good thing is, my office travel fare is covered by my company. Phew... no other benefits, at least got some little cover, also not bad lor.. self-comforting...hahahaa....

Regarding food here, one meal is around in the range of 500 - 1200 yen for normal non-special meals. Average is 1000 yen per meal. 500-800 yen usually can found in most small towns or residential areas. THose big cities, usually is 1000 yen above. But fast food are not too bad. Like Mc Donald, it's around 600-700 per meal. Well, don't convert lor. It's all like that here one lor. As long as i keep my daily meal budget below 1000 yen, i guess I will end up with some savings each month. Not too much I guess, but at least something lor. Will try not to buy too much junk food. Although most of them really very tempting n inviting..hahaa...

Hmm.. what else, oh yeah. I went back to Ikebukuro city and eat lunch+dinner (I missed my lunch since I overslept). I went into a small eat-shop, and I'm expected to insert coins into the machine where you choose your meal from the menu on the machine. It returned me a ticket and I sat down. I passed the ticket to the so-called waiter, and he brought it into the kitchen and start cooking. In no time, my big bowl of Ramen is ready. Yosh! Oishii ne! Really deliciious lor!
I like the atmostphere..... just like what you usually see from the Japanese drama. hahaaa...

After my delicious meal worth 800 yen, I moved on to tour around the shopping streets. Too many stuff to see. I used my video camera to capture some of videos while I walking. Actually wanted to capture some Kawaii girls one, but they all looking at me, and i afraid later I offend them, they will call police or crash my video cam. hahahaa... so I just take video while i passed by, but cannot focus too much on the people. hahaha... sorry, me coward. haha... ~ XD

After the walking journey for some time, the sky turned dark gradually. I checked my Nintendo DS to find out the time. (I don't have a watch then. haha..) It was just around 5pm. Man! 5pm here is like 7pm in M'sia/Singapore. Later i figure out it might be becoz of the winter season. Daylight Saving rite? Hmm.. not too sure about the terms. Something like that lar.. haha...

Later on, I went in a big Electric shop which has 7 floors in total. Each floor has specialised stuff. One floor is for mobile phones, one floor for gadgets like mp3 player, one for consoles and games, one for home appliances. etc. I went browsing and got myself a cheap watch. 1000 yen. hahaaa... I have not used a watch for like almost 6 years. Ever since my first mobile phone which allowed me to find out the time and date, I quit using watch liow. hahaa... now, i brought over my Sony-Ericson mobile, can see time lar, but since it's not working in Japan, I guess no point bringing along everday lor. Sooner or later I will get a plan here. Hopefully not too costly.

Well, after getting myself an analog watch, I went up to browse the games section. Man! Most of the PS2 games here are really cheaper than in Singapore lor! When it comes to promotion, it could get even cheaper! But of cors lar, they all in jap. hahaa.. There was this section allowing ppl to hands on Ps3 games. I was watching a guy playing Devil May Cry 4. Wow! The graphics & effects are TOP NOTCH! Very very Cool! Well, Nintendo Wii is releasing soon here on December. Of cors I dun have money to get one lor.. even i have money, I will wait for a year or so. Coz I bet the first batch always has bugs one lor. One or 2 years later, they will drop price also. So, why Don't wait? hahahaaa.... moreover, I have Nintendo DS now, I still have games yet to be complete. So what's the rush? Plus I dun think i have much time to play games here also lor. Coz everyday will work late. I will update you guys about my project in my next coming blog. Stay tuned ok....

I think i will wrap up here. Oh yeah, not yet finish my story above. SO, after i finished browsing in the city, I went back home and take hot shower and get myself ready to start work on the next day - MOnday. Remember to check out for my 3rd day Adventure. =)