Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tokyo Anime Fair 2008

Last Friday I went to Tokyo Anime Fair with my colleagues. We got free tickets from our company. This year is not as interesting as last year. Except few studio works attracted me more. Especially Genius Party.

Here are the few photos:

Moving statue. It's a guy! It's a real person.

Malaysia MSC booth in Tokyo. Happy to see Malaysia work exposing to the world.


Looking forward to all these 5 films !


Fat Ugly Astro Boy?

After Anime Fair, we went to the harbour and realised this cool futuristic hovercraft.

Super Cool Design!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Art Gallery & My Sensei

I went to Yokohama with my Sensei (my art teacher) last Sunday to visit an art exhibition. She's actually part of the exhibitors of the art gallery too.

My Sensei is a very fun person. Though most of the time I couldn't catch mostly what she speaks (coz she speaks too fast and most probably because my vocabulary is still lacking), but I was still having so much fun talking to her. Of course with my broken japanese. haha... Even that, I really don't feel any gap communicating with her. She is just as fun as my other friend. She can just make me laugh all the time.

By conversing more with her, I have learned many new japanese words and know more about jap cultures. You have no idea, there is so much to learn from them. Even little small things. It was really fun for the past few months. She's a great teacher, she's jumpy, she is active, she is talkative (in good yet funny way), and she cooks well. Yet, you have no idea that she is as old as anybody's mum, she's 46. hahaaa.... Every lesson in her drawing apartment was full of delicious food and cheerful atmosphere. With her around, the drawing session is so much fun. hahahaa...

The following is one of my latest portrait sketches (mainly practising my shading skills). Still trying to improve. I just need more time. =)

The rest below are some of my favourite arts photos taken from the visit of the art exhibition.

Check the unusual stand pose of the legs on the right, I call it Art too. hahaa....

This is one of my best favourites. The color combination and the extraordinary of detailed sculplting of the wrinkles of the branches are the things made my eyes wide opened. Really marvellous work.