Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rest Is For Long Journey Ahead

It is true that REST is very important for the Long Journey Ahead. Rest at any station you could find throughout your journey for any dreams your are pursuing.
All my best wishes to All of you my friends. Treasure your health. Treasure your life. =)

p/s: I will stop Blogging for a period of time. Need some rest. Hope to see you guys soon. Cheers!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tokyo Game Show 2007

Well, nothing much to say , I think I've been mentioning thousands times in my previous post that I was excited and happy to be in TGS this year. So, I bet no one would like to listen again to how I felt but rather just want to see the photos. hahahaa.... So here they are:

Note: Some of the booths didn't allow us to take pictures of the videos, so this time round I didn't take much photos. I couldn't even have time to queue up for hands-on games. No choice, I went there on the last day, damn lots of people... Sigh~

(This picture is courtesy of Justin's photography.)
I felt sad that I couldn't go in to this theater to watch the latest Square animations. I went there on the last day, all tickets sold out. I still don't understand till now, why they need tickets since we already paid for the entrance? Why couldn't they allow me to queue up? SIANZ!!!

New version of PSP. Lighter and Longer Battery LIfe Span.

Gatchaman also coming out games. What else is not? haha...

This is one cool. One of my favourite anime recently, becoming a game in Wii. It looks cool using the controller to play this game, it's like exactly same action in the anime. haha...

Check this out, see how cool the technology has come to. Ring controllers to play Dragon Ball game! =D

~Actually got more photos, but too tired to upload so many... if got chance i upload to another server. hahaa... sorry ya.... =P

An Inspiration Animation

I like the mood and the concept of this short animation. Simple and nice. (Of cors CG-Technically not simple..haha)
Anyway, I was really touched at the end knowing whom this was dedicated for.

Click the link here:


Visiting Square Enix Studio with 3DSense

Finally! I had a chance to visit Square Enix Studio last week! Thanks to 3DSense! hahaa.. Thanks to Sen & Justin that allow me to join them with their visit which initially invited by Square after the CGOverDrive event this year June.
Upon their arrival, we straight away head for Square studio. Though we were late due to the heavy traffic on the road, we still made it on that day. Thank God! haha...

We were only allowed to visit one of the production floor, and no photos are allowed within the area. So we only took photos outside the production room. Here they are:

Monday, September 17, 2007

ファミ通のPRESS START - Symphony of Games

I just came back from an Orchestra Symphony Concert today at Yokohoma.
Famitsu had just started to organized this Symphony Concert since last year. In another words, this is the 2nd time after the success of last year one. And I was happy to realise this from the Famitsu magazine. haha...

I went there pretty early today and the queue was already long.
The hall was real big and I can say it is much bigger than the one I attended in Singapore Esplanade.

Man, I must say the performance was real real great! It was so touched to listen to such beautiful orchestra performances. And the hosts are interesting and funny too. One of the hosts is my favourite composer - Nobuo Uematsu. I didn't know that he is a funny person in reality. He's really not what he is in his age.

There were 14 themes initially, and extra 2 more Extra marvellous themes (both my favourites!).
The program list is as followed:

1) Nintendo's Super Smash Bros
2) Sony's Roco-Roco
3) アクトレイザー (ActRaiser)
4) Shooting Medley (Combination of different game companies)
5) Bandai Namco's Ace Combat Zero
6) Sony's ワンダと巨像 (Shadow of the Collossus)
7) Nintendo's Fire Emblem

8) SEGA Sound UNIT performance
9) Square Enix's Chrono Trigger
10) The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
11) Nintendo's Super Mario Bros
12) Konami's Castlevania
13) Sega's サクラ大戦
14) Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts

Extra Themes:

15) Zelda
16) Final Fantasy VII (Sephiroth!) ~ specially performed together with the great band - The Black Mages.

And ALL are beautifully played! To me, the best play that touched my heart deep were: Chrono Trigger, Castlevania, Kingdom Hearts, Zelda & FFVII Sephiroth!!! Man! These favourites of mine were played perfectly well and their edited version of the orchestra were really out of my expectations! Best combination. Wonderful music combination. Simply Marvellous!!!
Great musics! Really great! If only I could share with you guys who are game music fans too.

Oh yeah, to those who knows about the Daytona guy (the one who appeared in Esplanade game symphony this year), he was there today and sang with the great band It was nice to hear the complete version. haha...

Well, conclusion, Good Game Musics! Thanks to the pros who played the orchestras. Thanks to the passionate conductor -
Taizo Takemoto. Thanks to all the talented composers, without you guys, I wouldn't have much inspirations in my fantasy world. Because of you all, I live in a Fantasy World, where not much people could understand me. muahahhahaa.....

Ok guys, pen off. Got to go sleep, tomorrow start new day in Production I.G.fx. Woohoo... Nitez! Take care my dear friends.
Coming Events to report: My new first day in Production I.G.fx, and coming Tokyo Game Show visit next weekend.
So, Stay tuned. hehe...


Saturday, September 01, 2007

This Is My Life [Prologue]

My Upcoming & On-Going Personal-Free-Time 2D Flash Animation Project, reflecting & projecting the story of my life by relation with RPG (Role-Playing Game) games.

"This Is My Life [Part 1]" will be released within this September. Stay Tuned~