Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ratatouille is GREAT !

Finally, I watched it! I WaTcheD IT !!! I WATCHED IT !!!!

What can I say more? 6 WORDS! GREAT Movie! GREAT Story! GREAT Animation!
Why do I say that? Why? Because 6 WORDS! GREAT Movie! GREAT Story! GREAT Animation!
What makes me insist to emphasize the 6 WORDS so strongly? 6 more WORDS! GREAT Movie! GREAT Story! GREAT Animation!
Ok ok... sorry to repeat so many times. I guess I should find another new vocabulary to replace the 6 boring words. Actually there are more than 6 words to describe this movie. What are they? . 6 New Words! GREAT Movie! GREAT Story! GREAT Animation!!!!!
HAHAHAHAHAAAAAaaaaa............................. XD

Well, you can't blame me. After searching my OxFudge Dictionary page by page for almost 53seconds, I couldn't find any other better words to describe it. The movie itself will install a heart-warming vocabulary into each of your brain.

Trust me. The moment the show ends, you will be either speechless with warming-ly heart-beat, or you will realize someone secretly put a drop of EyeMo-Moist onto your round humanly eyes, or rather you will smile with half-closed eyes, as if someone just hugged you with love.
If you aren't any of the above, don't worry, it's not a big deal, may be you are just watching the wrong movie in the wrong theater. You must be confused that Ratatoiulle is a sequel of Transformer.... hahahahahhaa.... Kidding kidding... of course everyone has their own view and subjective in their hearts. =)
But for me, here's what my heart felt right after the end of the movie. (Don't worry, No Spoiler here! haha...)

Actually, the very first English words that came across my mind once the movie ended were "Man! Brad Bird Did It Again!". Honestly!

By watching all the superb facial acting and expressions, I can't resist the fact that ALL of them are so lively and real and believable and totally have their own characteristics! This is the first impressive thing among my all observations!

2nd, the story itself was "alive" enough to drag my heart down to the heart-warming sea, surrounded with love. The "heart-warming" thingy is not just a piece of stuff that just added into the story with no reason. You totally can feel the heart-warming comes to your very heart bit by bit and developing itself into you heart while the story is on-going. In another words, you are "alive" with the story! You are IN the story! Brad Bird DID it AGAIN! It is just UNBELIEVABLE!!!

3rd. You always heard people say, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). To me, this movie is WYSIWYRF (What You See Is What You Remember FOREVER). Character designs (including characteristics) are all so Unique and SOooo MEMORABLE. Their faces, their personalities, their actions, are all automatically installed into your mind. Just like a Trojan Horse virus in the PC, very hard to be removed or "un-installed". Sorry about the T.Horse metaphor, but it's true.

4th. From the moment when I saw all the "rendered food" appeared in the scenes, my brain never doubted that they are fake. Instead, my brain told me that IT IS REAL! Psychologically, when brain tells the neuro-system that something is real and looks tasty, your body will react on the craving and started salivating. Guess what! I did! What?!!! "You must be joking me!" No no no! I really DID!!! I salivated. My english may be not that good, let me re-phrase in a simple term -- My saliva came out from my mouth!!! (but of cors I swallowed it back immediately! What you expect? Let it drip?! Hahahaa!) ~ XD
What I am trying to say is, I can't believe those things in the CG movie could ever trick my brain so confusingly! I can't believe my eyes. I can't believe my mouth. I can't believe myself!

5th, there were quite a few good twist of the story that makes the story unpredictable and surprised the audience, of cors including me!
Human brains always predict stuff every miliseconds. You see action A, your brain automatically predicts their next action or rather the consequences of the action A. But my brain was unable to do much of the guessing game throughout the movie. In other words, Brad Bird predicted our minds, and found a way to go around them and set a new flag onto a brand new mountain that almost nobody could ever reach that soon. Well, may be just me, you guys may be can reach that new mountain sooner that I did. hahahaa....
Despite of the fact that my brain wasn't that "smart", but I was really happy with all the twist and unpredictable stuff that Brad Bird had prepared for us.

6th, back to story again. Like I said, it was "alive", and it also brings messages to everyone of us. And those messages are good and educational. Brad Bird never fails to convey good messages to public and never fails to build a better generations. Basically, this movie is not just for kids, but all the "big kids" who lived their lives more than 10-20 years. No matter how much experience you gained in your past entire life, you never know you could learn something new from this movie. And you never know those messages might touch your heart and give you a new perspective to see life and everything around you. You never know. This movie, this story, this morale, brings distinctive messages to each of us, but with one SAME good intention. A good message delivered into your heart, and will never be forgotten.......so easily.... =)

Well, those are my heart-words after viewing the movie. Until now, I still can't forget every scenes that I watched. I'm even analysing it now in my mind even without watching it. hahaa...
Well, last but not least, I just want to say, I'm really really glad to watch it on the first official release date here. Oh, and I also got cheaper ticket too, thanks to a friend of mine who gave me a tips that I could buy from some place that offers exclusive discounted movie tickets. hahaa...

Oh btw, Brad Bird is also playing a voice cast in one of the characters in this movie. Guess who? Well, I don't think you can guess now unless u watch it later. hahaaa... Sorry to tease you guys (those who haven't watched yet.) haha... =P

Ok guys! Time to sign off for now. Hope the above so-called Kento's Review didn't spoil anything for this movie. hahaa... I apologise if I did it unintentionally. Gomen! Gomen! =P
Well, lastly, ...................... PLEASE!!!! MUST WATCH !!!! Skip Bollywood movies, skip Hongkong movies, but DON"T skip Pixar (Brad Bird's) movies!!!! It's a crime if you skip! It's a CRIME! You HEAR ME?!!!

Sorry I'm crazy! HAHAHHAAAAAaaaaa................................. XD

Hey! Did I mention that the character animations are SUPERB?!!! Well, let me tell you know if I haven't already. IT'S SUPERB !!!! I'm going to watch 2nd time! It's WORTH IT!


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Good Animations

Here I'm back talking about CG Animations. hahaa...
Below are few of my favourite animations which I've come across.

[Animation from Animation Mentor School]


[Animation from French Animation School - Gobelins]


[Football & Rabbit] by Meindbender

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Coolest Dream Girl ~ Leah Dizon

Speechless, she's my Dream Girl! Too Pretty (Wonderful combinations), Too Sexy (needless to say), Too Cute (she's adorable when she act cute), Too Cool (she dances good)! Too Perfect!

I have no idea why I'm sharing girls MV here rather than CG-related. I must be out of my mind. Well, they are just too cute and I'd like to share with you guys! Of course you girls too. hahahaha... But if she's my girl friend, of course I'd not share with you all. hahahaa... Sorry, i'm talking crazy here! Anyway, though it's not CG (Computer Graphics) related, but it's still categorized under CG - Cute Girls! So technically, I'm not out of topic, am I? Muahahahaha.... !!!

Check out my dream girl MV below. She's just too cool to be true. Well, to defend myself (again), I could use her dancing clip to be my next animation reference. hahahaha... Good excuse huh! ~ XD


Thai Songs Fever

I was bored tonight and was surfing the Youtube for some MTV to update myself of the latest new pop songs. Thousands of links here and there after listening to some boring chinese pop songs, I found a link to some Thai Songs. I never listened to Thai songs for my past almost whole of my life, and my curiosity made me click my mouse on one of the links. And the first song I came across really surprised me. I didn't know that Thai Song can be that nice and touched my heart...haha.. Then I clicked the other links here and there to keep listening and searching, some were not my type but most of them were quite nice. Below are the few of my favourites among my favourites. haha... And now I getting to start to like Thai songs. And the girls are CUTE too! hahaa... Come On! Lets Thai Fever! kakakaa.... sorry, I think i'm high! kekeke.... XD

Monday, July 16, 2007

My Friends Tigger & Pooh Episode 10 - Tigger Goes for Jagular / Rabbit's New Roomie

Last week I finally managed to buy 2 MFTP (My Friends Tigger & Pooh) episodes online from iTune store. Thanks to a friend of mine who got me a prepaid card for iTune-purchasing when he was back to the U.S. last month. =D

By the way, not all the episodes are released yet in the US. So far they have only released about 10 episodes. And the 10th Episode (Tigger Goes for Jagular / Rabbit's New Roomie) is one of the episodes that I've worked on.

Below are the few scenes of animation that I did in this episode. Please support support. hahaa.. I know my animation skill is not very good yet. But for this TV series, I guess I've done my best in my role within the short timeline. Besides, I did learn a lot as well during the process of rushing.

Well, despite of the not-so-prefect-quality, I do hope you guys would enjoy the following clips as much as I enjoyed working on my scenes. hahaa... =D

Will update more clips once they release more episodes at iTunes store. Till then, stay tuned ya. haha.. (^O^)/

(Rabbit's New Roomie)

(Tigger Goes for Jagular)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Just For Fun! (^-^)b


冗談冗談! (^-^)b
ところで、この絵はFlashとPhotoshopで作れました。それに、Final Fantasy VIIIのSquallの絵を使った。

Saturday, July 07, 2007

マレーシャの友達たち(My Malaysian Friends In Tokyo)

These are my Malaysian friends whom I knew them here in Japan. I'm really happy to know all of them here. We used to hang out a lot for the past few months. Some of them are not in this picture. Namely Boon Yik, Jiun Yiing etc. We used to hang out in Karaoke, Izakaya 居酒屋、homely feast at their house and partying outside.

Pity that we can no longer hang out in a big group anymore since some of them had gone back to Malaysia for good, and some had gone to other country. I really miss those days that we had fun together. Thank you for all the good time, my friends! We shall meet again! うん!そうだね!ぜひまた会うね!


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

市川に引越しました。(Moved to Ichikawa)

I'm back to blogging after a few weeks disappearance. I did enjoy my stay back in Malaysia & Singapore. Thank you all my friends who spent time with me. I appreciate very much! =)
After 2 weeks holiday, I now came to Tokyo. And I just moved to a new place since last Saturday.

I'm now staying with a Malaysian friend in a small town named Ichikawa (市川).

This is my new address:

Been busy lately. Starting to build my own animation demoreel. Taking time and slow. Hopefully it can be all done by September as my contract in this current company will end on October. Need to get myself well-prepared.
I'm tired now. Just came back from drinking session with friends. A bit drunk now. I will keep blogging once I have free time again. There's so many interesting things I wanted to share, but need time to organise my thought and put them in lengthy words. hahaaa... till then, please stay tuned. CHeers!