Friday, May 30, 2008

Pixar's New Short - Presto

Another brilliant Pixar work is on the way. This newest short will be premiered soon in June and during the release of Wall-E on the theater. Can't wait. However, none of them will be launched here in Japan any soon. I guess I will have to wait till at least this winter, while other people are enjoying the first sip. boohooo..... Sadd.... =(


The Making of Kung Fu Panda

The following is the latest extended trailer/teaser. I like it very much. Very entertaining and I love the idea. Good job, Dreamworks!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cool Animated Commercial

Nothing much to say. It looks cool to me, and just wanna share with you guys.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Quick Update after Missing In Action for few weeks!

Yo Friends! Good to be back again to Tokyo! Sorry for missing in action for few weeks. I was lazy to update anything on my blog in the past 2 weeks after i came back from vacation. haha..

Man! I missed my trips and all my friends and also all the SEA (South East Asia) Food, again! hahaa.... The biggest regret that I have so far is that I did not have the chance to eat Durian when i was back then. Sigh! What a pity! But I still managed to eat a lot of good food back there. Chow Kuey Teow, Prawn Noodles, Dim Sum, Bak Kut Teh, Sugar Cane, Yong Tao Foo, Fish Noodles, Hainan Chicken Rice, Duck Rice,Hokkien Mee, and most importantly my Mum's Home Made Cooking and super delicious chinese soup! Yummzzz!!
Man, the more i mention now, the more i miss them! Got to stop..haha...

Well, the trip was really a great one. Met lots of friends for lunch, dinners and also Karaoke! In the 2 weeks vacation, I have been to karaoke 3 times. It was really fun! hahaa.. Went to a karaoke with my KL friends in KL, Malaysia. And because it was my birthday on that week, I was exempted from paying the charges for the whole singing and buffet session. hahaa.. So happy.
And I also want to take the opportunity here to thank some of you who bought me meals and stuff! Thank you! I really appreciate very much guys! Really happy! :D

Speaking of which, I've finally said goodbye to my 20s, and started to enter a new stage of life which starts with the big "3". hahahaa... Well, here comes the new me! Which I don't think will be any difference.... I'm still so childish..hahaha...
Actually age doesnt matter, what counts is our heart. If your heart is young, you are young, no matter how old you have turn into. So keep smiling and be cheerful and be positive. Bad thing happens, you choose to see it as a bright path to lead you to another new adventure. =)

Well this time I'm not gonna show much photos except some which I took while I was having my birthday party in Tokyo with my art-mates which organized by my Sensei. My sensei was so kind and generous. She cooked so much good food and specially made one big pot of super hot & spicy curry just for me coz she remembered that I told her before that Malaysia curry is 5 times hotter than Jap Curry. And she really did look for spices and made the curry from scratch and ended up 7 times hotter! hahaa... I was sweating eating her 3-day effort curry. Everyone else reacted the same.. hahaa...
Arigatou Sensei!!! Thank you so much for the effort! =D

And also thanks to all my art-mates for the meaningful wishes and interesting presents. It was really a fun night. And I ended up "Da Bao-ing" (bring home) a lot of left-over curry, soup, cakes etc. And those food lasted me for another 2-3 days without spending on outside food. hahahaaa..... Check out the photos below later and you will see how much they are. But I felt very grateful that all of them care about me, especially my Sensei. She's caring, kind and really really funny woman! hahaa... Talking with her can really release stress. hahaa...

Ok, here are some of the photos.

My portion of cake with the mint choco name plate.

As I've mentioned above that I had to bring back all the food home, I've used this bag to pack in all the pots of food with the help of my sensei. hahaa....

After unpacking at home... these are the portions of left over. hahaaa...

Compilation of all my presents from all my Japanese friends.

This is the first Gundam in my life! hahaaa... One of my art-mates gave me this and he said this is one of the modern Japanese culture to give Gundam during birthday party. When I first heard it I was like "Huh? Serious??!" hahaaa... Anyway, I really like it very much! I feel like a kid again! hahaa....

This is a origami. And the top one is a box of pencils with the designs of Japan Trains. =D

A piggy Cactus! hahaa.. cute right!

A great book of Color Gallery! It covers a lot of colors related to culture, nature, people, places in Japan. Very good reference for color sense!

Written by my Sensei. It was written behind the painting that she's drawn for me. One of them (the above writing + painting) was actually meant for my mum. It was a present for my mum by my Sensei. And I've brought it back to my mum last month. The painting of the 2 Owls. The reason she drawn Owl for my mum is because Owl in japanese is called "Fukurou", and it has the same sound and pronunciation with 不苦労(No Stress or Happiness). It was a meaningful painting as well as a present for my mum. Thank you sensei! Arigatou !!! =D

Mini USB Speaker.

Now you see, Now it Brights! Cool huh! =D