Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dead Fantasy I & II - Super COOOL (Must Watch!)

This is a fan-made fighting animation video, combination of characters from the console games "Final Fantasy" & "Dead Or Alive".

When I started to watch from the beginning, I didn't get excited although I like Final Fantasy characters a lot. Unexpectedly, the longer I watched the wider my jaw and my eyes got opened. And I was like, "WTF! This is some super pretty cool shit !!!! Stunningly COOL job!!!".

The moment I finished watching 2nd part, my jaw was like opened wide from one town to another town... It was FREAKING SUPER DUPER KAKOII-LY COOOL !!!!
The timing, the choreography, the camera motions are all so stunnily COOL!!! (though the character animations are not perfect, but who cares! This is COOL enough to capture my heart! I was like stop-breathing for 10 mins especially when I was watching Part 2..hahaa)

I wish the actions would not stop!! And they are finishing Part 3 soon and developing on Part 4 now. Can't wait!!! SquareEnix should hire this creator!! And I would like to work under his direction one day, to make such cool Fighting Phenomenon!!! I want to meet this guy! hahaha....

Ok, Less words now. Please watch it for yourself!

Production Credits:
Director - Monty Oum
Choreography - Monty Oum
Soundtrack - Brian Tyler
Producer - Monty Oum
Assistant Producer - Dara Hoy
Model Resource - MaroKart64n, Skippymurphy, Drywater, blackbirdi, Mr Y
Animation Guru - Rocky Vanoost, congrats on the new job!
Many Pots of Wisdom - http://www.game-ism.com
Special Thanks - Adam Ferraro
Love and Thanks - Huetran Duong

Part 1

Part 2


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

StarCraft II - New Zerg Trailers

For those who are StarCraft fans!
p/s: Can anyone tell me when it will be released??!! This year? Next year? I can't wait! XD
For more stuff, you can browse the official website. http://www.starcraft2.com/

Zerg Trailer

More Detailed In-Game Demo for Zergs

For those who haven't checked the first In-Game Demo for Protoss (which is super awesome), check it out now below.


Another 2 Episodes of MFTP Released on iTunes Store

Here are another 2 more video extracts from MFTP (My Friends Tigger & Pooh) Season 1 which I animated. Well, apparently I only buy those episodes which I involved. haha... And iTunes is taking forever to release every episode.

Looks like Disney didn't follow the Episode numbering which we used to have during production. These 2 newly bought episodes are my very first involvement when I first joined Polygon Pictures in 2006.

Wow, time really passes so fast. I can't believe that now is already almost mid of 2008. And I've been in Japan for almost one and a half years now. haha....

By the way, I'm still waiting for another 2 more episodes which I involved. That would be the last 2, for the 1st season of MFTP. So, stay tuned ok, until I buy the last 2 more episodes after they release on iTunes later. =)

As for now, here are the parts which I animated. Hope you enjoy. (^-^)

Tigger Goes Snow Flaky

Symphony for Rabbit


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Toy Design - Prototype 01

2-3 months ago I was indirectly introduced by a new friend, Jon, to a website called "Patch Together" - http://www.patchtogether.com. This website is mainly for designers to come out their own creative toy designs and they will be turned into real toys if certain designs are majority voted.

And that is how I get to know about this interesting website, my friend asked me to vote for his toy design. So I did vote for his, but not just because he requested so, I really thought that his design was great and creative. Check out his work, I thought it is really impressive. And he did get the highest votes and his toy has been processing and on the way to the Toy Market now.

His works and other people's passionate participations also made my heart itchy, so I thought I just gave it a shot and try to come out something. Below is one of the prototypes I have come out and properly outlined on Flash. The rest of my designs are still on drawing paper, well, I will post up others once i'm done with some clean-up outline on Flash later. =)

Still headache with the colors and type of paint... well, lazy to think now, will update once I have time again..muahahaha... lazy me again.. =P

* Just in case you are wondering what it does. It is actually a normal walking/crawling toy triggered by the "twisting key?" (what do you call it in English? Pardon my bad English) . But, instead of using traditional "twisting key" design, I incorporate it with Mouse's Roller Button on top of the head. Same way of how you usually use your mouse with your computer. Roll down the roller with your index finger while you are holding the toy body. Then the toy will be triggered and start crawling. Another function of this toy is actually a Clip. Which means, the mouth is able to clip on somewhere (table, chair, latop etc) which roughly has the same width with the mouth. The mouth area has flexible soft sponge which enable to clip/stuck with some other wider objects when you are not playing it. The toy comes with few types of coloring and paste-on designs.
That's why in the above prototype I roughly came out some idea like Marine , Porcupine, Native type. Ideas are stuck so far. Need more inspirations later, if I have. hahahaa...

Well, once everything is finalised and colored, I will then post on the PatchTogether website and see if the world can accept my sucky ideas. hahahhaa....

Oh, I almost forgot, I have come out a sucky name for this toy too, I call it "Clipomice"! Why? Coz it's a combination of Clip + Mouse (Mice) = Clipomice! Muahahahahaa..... I know it's lame. kakakaa... XD


Monday, April 07, 2008

If Elephant Can Draw, Why Can't We (me)?

I was browsing one of the great animators, Bobby Beck's blog and found this inspiring video of an elephant drawing his own portrait on the board. Heard that this elephant is well known since last year. Well, I guess I'm a bit late discovering this but it still inspires me a lot now. And even gives me motivation to practise more. Yessh !!!
Actually I should slap myself for being so lazy lately. hahaa... *Piakk !!* ~ ouch! XD

This is simply amazing. Check the video out if you haven't already. =)

Sakura Hanami 桜花見 2008

This year I spent my Spring Sakura Hanami with my Sensei and all my fellow Art-mates.
We had a "hi-level" picnic in the big garden in Katakura near our sensei's Art Apartment. Why is it "hi-level"? Coz my sensei prepared a portable stove and tried to have simple Steamboat in the picnic. haha... It reminds me of last year when I joined my malaysian friends in Hanami picnic which also brought a portable stove to steam up the curry. haha...

Anyway, it was really a fun afternoon gathering together. My Sensei made some Onigiri (Rice Cake? "Fan Tuan" in chinese) and also prepared other delicious Bento. All the food was amazing! Yumzz! And the weather was just perfect for the picnic, and nice view of some Sakura trees. And there were moments when the sakura pedals were flying down when the wind blew. Amazing view. Seeing other families enjoying, laughing and picnic-ing around the garden makes the whole atmosphere feel so relaxing. That's the Spring spirit! hahaa... I Love Japan! hahaa... XD

All my Art-Mates, from young to old. hahaa...

Bento beautifully prepared by my Sensei. Yummzz!

Pour all the goodies into the well-known Osaka style Kamo (duck) soup.

The Steamboat was so yummy. Everyone tried to eat as much as they could.

My Sensei in pinky-blue shirt in front.

My Sensei's husband and their 4-year-old doggie - Rin Chan.

Time to go home when the weather turned cold again. Sensei (in the picture above) said "That side is the toilet, anyone wan to go?" HAhahahaa.....


Thursday, April 03, 2008

超級星光大道 - Talented 徐佳瑩

Lately I have been following each episodes of 超級星光大道 (International Singing Contest held in Taiwan) so closely. Thanks to Youtube and those YouTubers who contributed the recordings online. Thank you very much!

From this batch of competition, there is one talented girl who stands up brightly among so many contestants. She is 徐佳瑩 (Xu Jia Ying).
I admire her talent very much. She writes her own songs and every single of her song did touch my heart. Lyrics are good, tunes are comfortable, she is proficient in music instruments, her singing voice is sweet and last but not least, she looks cute and sweet too! Perfect! (to me. hahaha) =D

Not much to say here, you just have to see for yourself and feel it yourself. haha..
For those who haven't checked out her songs from the competition (超級星光大道), here's for your viewing and listening pleasure. =)

Here is the link to her Blog if you are interested to listen to the full version of her songs.

Song Title: 身騎白馬

Song Title: 明知故犯

Song Title: 出口