Wednesday, June 13, 2007

2 Weeks Vacation Back to Malaysia & Singapore

Yo friends, I'm now back to Malaysia for vacation. Will stop blogging for a while and take a long rest. hahaa.. Will start blogging once I go back to Tokyo on 24th June. Till then, stay tuned! Take care my friends! Cheers! =D

Monday, June 04, 2007

Earthquake At My Place

Yesterday afternoon, when I was sitting at my desk surfing the net at around 2pm, I suddenly felt that my room was shaking. In the first 3 seconds I thought it was some construction happening above the stairs. Just about the next few seconds, I realised it was nothing else but earthquake.

Though I was few seconds slow, but I totally could feel that the whole apartment was shaking (moving) left & right.
But thank God, it was just few slow harmless shake. Nothing was shaken off, everything was totally fine and back to normal after the 10+ seconds shaking.

That was my first experience of Earthquake in Tokyo so far. I knew there were few shakes in the previous months, but that time somehow it didn't affected me. Or may be that time i was in a deep sleep. hahaa.. But this time round, is really my first experience with my conscious.

After the earthquake stopped, I immediately get myself changed and walked out from my apartment. May be that time I thought I might be buried in the ground in case the apartment falls, haha.. since my room is in the basement. =P

Well, anyway, really thank God, everything was fine. At least for now. Coz i heard from my friends that experts had predicted that there will be another super big damaging earthquake in Tokyo 50 years after the last big Tokyo Earthquake in 50 years ago. Which is about now! Man, when i heard that news, i had a little chill in my heart. Well, then i calmed down and thought, if it's my time, it's my time. No matter where i run, it will still be. haha...

I was also advised to get some one-week food/drink supply ready in a big bag-pack, to prepare for the worst. Since my friends are more experienced in Tokyo than me, I think I will listen to him. Well, no harm getting prepared. At the same time, I will also pray that the prediction will be delayed or even "cancelled" if possible. hahaa... =)