Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2007

Yo! Thanks for being alive with me in my blog! Here I am again to update my adventures in Tokyo! hahaa...
I just came back from Tokyo International Anime Fair today in Odaiba (お台場). This big event was held in a big convention/exhibition hall named Tokyo Big Sight. Why the name is that so? Don't ask me, I have no idea too.. I also felt funny when I first heard of it too.. hahaa...

This event was fun and worth going. Compare to the last year JUMP Festa, this is much more informative and more focus on Animations. JUMP Festa was about promotion of games, manga and anime. This time is more into animation, from Japanese to Western, from historical to modern. I went there with 3 of my colleagues (my malaysian friend Boon Yik, and another 2 Japanese colleauges).

Now, as usual, lets talk less, and enjoy photos. FYI, I have taken 200 over pictures, but I dun think I can possibly upload so many here, it's tiring you know. hahaa... So I will just pick them selectively and upload. "Sorry for any inconvenience caused." muahahaa.... XD


That's just the big building-entrance, the big halls are just ahead. Hmm... may be that's the reason why they call it Big Sight. That "underwear" thingy really makes a Big Sight! hahahahaa.... pardon me. =P

My colleagues: (from left) Boon Yik, Masaaki, Tomi.

The main entrance of Tokyo Big Sight conference hall is ahead us.

Doraemon has been remade by new artists and their movies have been broadcasted in theatre in Japan. Not sure about other country. Anyway, I like Doraemon very much since I was a kid, so I have to voice out that this remake version of animation looks cr@p. Character wise, they no longer same as Fujiko Fuji's original drawings. Of course they look close to Fujiko's design, but you definitely can tell the big difference if you are a fan. Especially the animation. I feel sad when I watched one of their remake. Character design, animation, emotion all changed. I was then watching one of the remade "Dinosaur Adventure" on the TV in office with my colleague. And both of us were disappointed with what have been remade. It just looks like a brand new anime for new kids. Sigh....... Opppss.. sorry, talk too much....hahaa... as usual, I just naturally express something when there's something is in my head..hahaa...sorry sorry, ok.. lets move on to next photo.. kekee.. XD

Gibli Studio was there too. And promoting their new upcoming movies.

Kids playground and photo-taking section.

Kids are previewing the short clip on the kiosk.

Kids and family are enjoying at this spot. The only cozy and heart-warming spot for kids...muahahaha.... XD

This is one of the machine that appear in a 3D animation made in Japan here, named Freedom. This animation is one of the animation that indirectly promoting the japanese Cup Noodles. muahaha... it's funny to see part of their animation which keep showing the Cup Noodles while they talk.

Every fair in Japan must have babes, so there's no exception for International Anime Fair this year. hahahaa... Kawaaii ne!

"Nobody wants to take my brouchures?? *Sob* "

New version of Rabbit Lady. Do you see what's hanging at her butt? Wanna take a bite? hahahaa....

Ultraman in Action!

Ghibli new work. Painting style animation. Looks interesting!

Tools for drawing such unique and beautiful artwork. You should see more in Ghibli Museum. They are amazing!

New animation by Production I.G.

This reminds me of City Hunter! hahahaa....

Nice artwork~

Cool unique artwork. Detailed pen-stroke can work out a totally cool concept.

Some shots of nice conceptual design and artworks for an upcoming new anime called Reideen.

New anime robot character. Looks like StarScream from Transformers.

Same category as above.

Figurines time! Sorry, I love cool figurines! Please bear with me for the next few photos..hahaa...
(My camera no good though, please also bear with the bad quality for certain photos. hahaa)

Unfinished sculpture.

Ok, from here on, it's all cute figurines.. hahaha... I have a friend who would love to see all these. When I saw these cute figurines on the display, it just reminded me of her. She's a good artist who likes to draw these kinds of cute anime characters. でしょう?あはは。。。 (^o^)

hahaa.. I like this one the most! So damn cute! 可愛い! (^0^)

Ipod in action again. You won't miss Ipod whichever Fair you attending all around the world! hahaa... You asking why they are here? Ipod has nothing to do with animations right? Nope! You are wrong! Apparently they all here lining up nicely to display animation movies on their screens respectively. Now, that reason is good enough to show themselves in this international fair. hahahaha.....

I guess this is the new Apple Seed movie. Look out the Red block words in the midst. Produced by John Woo??!!! Wow! (@0@) "

Mad House studio.

Another my old time favourite anime too. Gatchaman!!! Man, all this are really memory refreshing!

And I've no idea what Gatchaman has turned into "turtles" in this modern time. hahaa... Looks kinda cute though. hahaa

Yet another my young time period favourite anime. I've been loving this kind of fantasy + technology fictions since very young. Certain parts of this old anime still quite refreshing in my mind now. It brings back so much memory. hahaa... I'm talking like an old man now..hahahaa..

Conan Detective! I've been following this comic for quite a long time and yet the author still don feel like ending it.. So I stopped reading since last year.. hahaaa... And now, they are trying to make a movie on theatre screen. hahaa... I wonder if they able to come out fresh new ideas for this movie to make it sell.. hahaa...

Some conceptual artworks for anime named Karas. It's a combination of 2D & 3D animation. After seeing the making of this cool anime, I'm impressed by the methods of matching up 2D & 3D, for example, camera panning from top to bottom of a 3D building with a 2D character drawings inside the building. I also find out that they use 3DSMax biped to produce the 3D animation in this anime. Overall nice piece of work! Though I not sure if the story works for me. hahaha... I will find out one day after I get a copy.

Cool designs! So inspiring!

Karas character statue.

Tintin!!! One of my favourite comic since young. I love every story of his adventure. And his cute bright-minded dog. Cool characteristics and personality. And the comic artworks were very nice too. Didn't expect to see this in this Tokyo fair. But really surprise and glad! =)

Thanks folks! Appreciate your patience to scroll all the way down here to reach this point of end. hahahaha... Good Job! Keep it up man! hahaha... ok lar.. i tired also.. time to sleep.. Have fun whever you are ok ! Take care. And till the next update! (^0^)/ Cheers!

Last but not least AGAIN, here's a short preview of My Friends Tigger & Pooh shown in this anime fair.