Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My New Job in Tokyo

Up till today, I've been working in my new company for almost 3 weeks now. This new company is small yet it's cozy and feel like working at home. Coz the cozy little office is in an nicely decorated apartment. haha... Just few of us working in the apartment.

Something amazed me most is that I never thought I would work on 3D animation on Macintosh machine. hahaha... It's really cool. I'm working on Maya everyday on MacOSX with the coolest features on the system, not to mention my power workstation with 8 Gig of RAM and 21" LCD screen. hahaa... It's so fun to work on Mac. Interface wise, system performance wise, all just great. Nothing to complain. hahaa... Working in a peaceful cozy aparment like this everyday is kinda cool.

And they have big nicely organised kitchen where usually one of my bosses will cook most of the lunch and dinner. They did sometimes offer us for free meal They are really kind. And one of my bosses (Keiko san) really cooks well, and the apartment (office) always smell good, always makes my tummy goes rumbly... hahaa.... "Oh Bother!" hahaa... =D

And my colleague who sit next to me, used to sit next to me also during MFTP project in Polygon Pictures. He was also introduced by our friend after his contract ended earlier than me. So he came here one week before me. He has been in CG line for years, and I really feel greatful to learn a lot from him. Thanks Wil! いろいろ、よろしくお願いします!

In the past 3 weeks, we have been involved in an interesting project (which will be a short TV series) named Tokyo Punch. It has very unique character designs and unique story, which mention about a Gaijin (Foreigner) living in Tokyo who doesn't know much about Japanese culture or even the language. At the moment, the pre-production is still under development and Will and I are now helping in modeling some of the characters in this series. At the same time, we also helping in creating some simple short dancing animation for the main character, in order to promote the series/character to the public at one of the famous DJ party called Ageha, coming this weekend.

Our dancing animation will be projected on the big screen this weekend to the audiences or dancers while the famous DJ plays the hot music! Woohoo!

Here's the link to our working project - Tokyo Punch.

Official Website

More updates will be posted once something new is announced. Stay tuned! hehee...
That's all for now my friends. See you all again! And thanks for checking out my blog. It's my pleasure to share! =)


16th May - Polygon MFTP Team Day Out in Disneyland!

My team's project manager (Matsumura san) organized a day-out for all the MFTP (My Friends Tigger & Pooh) team to search for Pooh & friends in Disneyland. Thanks to her, we really had fun.

After the MFTP project ended, everyone was excited looking forward the day to Disneyland. Well, I was one of them. haha.. Though only 16 people could make it that day, but it was really heart warming and I felt like I'm part of the big family, just like Pooh & Tigger & friends. haha.. It was really nice. I'm glad I made it to the trip, though I ended up late for 15 minutes. hahaa.. I kept apologised when I arrived. =P

It was really fun working with them for the MFTP project, though some of them were not same team. But was glad to know them too. Really hope to work with them again. May be will see them for MFTP season 2. Lets hope for the best. =)

For the meanwhile, lets enjoy the pictures! (^0^)/

We all gathered at the train station exit at 11am. I was late, so it was 11.20am. Haha... Gomen ne.

We started to walk to disneyland from the station. It was about 10 minutes walk.

For those who like to take bus, you can take Mickey special bus. haha. It kinda looks cool.

At the entrance of Disneyland, people were already queueing up to take pictures with Pooh bear.

And Piglet too. But it kinda looks scary though... too tall. haha

Group photo! Without me inside, coz i'm the camera man. haha...

This is StarWorld or something. Well, it's a shaky ride designed by George Lucas from StarWars.

We were queueing up for Pooh Ride, for Honey Hunt. haha... We are big kids.

Nice sillouhtte.

Thousands of baby chair/trolley for rent. hahaa...

We were waiting for someone?

Discussing about the next stop. hahah..

Cheers everyone! 皆!チーズ!

While queueing for the Haunted House, lets get some "Cheeze" again! hahaa..

Amazingly gorgeous castle!

Cool tiles!

This is highly recommended! Nice Ride! You are traveling in a high speed rollercoaster inside a blackbox! Without seeing anything! Cool huh!

Muscial street parade!

My my! I'm running out of time!

Don't block my way, you kid! Huhuhuhu....

Aaaaaaaa......... I've been chosen......

Night Light Street Parade. Amazingly nice with beautiful musics!